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Beast 1333 - E=emcee Lyrics

ATTENTION: LYRICS for "E=Emcee" ft. Presto
Surf on Mother Earth as She spinning in Space
tilting of the Axis keeps the Seasons in Pace
Theres Tectonic Plates
overlapping Continental Crust
Magnesium and Silicon Granitic rocks to Dust
kinetic Force that Gust
Ride a Parachute on Solar Winds
amazing that on Gaia
Many creatures Made of Bone and Skin
many Grow in Utero
As others reach they Funeral
33's disease i Chose 13's my Numero
we Hungry and we Penniless
We starving so we Bellyless
our Bodies are like Sponges
Absorbing the waves from Cellulars
relay station Data Stream
In Gestation Maybelline
cosmetics are Soaked into the Blood
Making the Baby Scream
slicing Up your Belly Boo
Cesarians they Staple Scars
mutations of the Genes or so it Seems
That Means they Look Bizarre
pickled in a Jar to Rot
Fight to death like Ocelots
ya'll Pop alot that Pop is Hot
but Pop is Slop you Bumbaclots
I have that Eternal Flow
hotter than a Sterno Go
Interstellar Clouds of Gas and Plasma
with a Thermal Glow
Super Cluster black and Dark
Corona Borealis spark
soon we'll learn to Master Quarks
As Harmless as a Basking Shark
Magneto Centrifugal Disk
everybody Google this
Angular Momentum of Rotation Keep us Jubilous
I could Have Been a Scientist
I could Have Been a Physicist
I Flow like the Mississip
I Flipped it to a Lyricist I
have Overcome the Obstacles
But Yo theres More to Come
i Bought a Gun
For when the Chinese come Across the Border Run
surface Dwelling we the Cells
Genocide the Weak to Hell
funny Like i Seen Chappelle
When Sheeple watch the NFL
forget about the NBA
And go and get your MBA
if your Busy selling Yey
You Working for the CIA
with No Delay
Your Learning Fast
the Sands Ran out the Hour Glass
We Free my Ass
as Women Swallow Yaz
Side Effects a Spaz
i'ts Double Bad Cus Bad is Happening
All around in Space
where the Laws is Chaos
A Seance is Performed with Grace
think About the Higher Place before you think of Lower Place
emcee2 is Powerful
And Written out In Lower Case

Beast 1333 lyrics