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Beach House - The Hours Lyrics

Below you can find the popular The Hours lyrics performed by Beach House. We have tried to make the The Hours song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

I wait the hours til they find me climb up to the tower so that you could

Violence in the flowers where they found you Can I wait the hourss would it
Be untrue climb up to the tower so that you could see

All across the hours

Frightened eyes

Looking back at me Change your mind don't care about me
Frightened eyes looking back at me change your mind don't leave without me

Frightened eyes

Made in your reflection so taht you could feel
Mad in your intentions fear it isn't real
All the recollections spinning in a field left in your possession til it
Isn't rea
You say it isn't real

Frightened eyes

Deeper than you and me it's farther than you could see is it too much to ask
It's all in a glance you'll see it's deeper than you and me it's all in a
Glance you'll see it's farther than we could be it's deep than you and me

Frightened eyes

Beach House lyrics

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Songwriters: Alex Kristian Scally, Victoria Garance Alixe Legrand