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Baron - Trap Wolves Lyrics

Spell it out! Say it loud
Am sailing through these hating foes! SPAZ
Toe to toe till niggas drop! BAM
Holding hoes till dusk come on
Oh mhen shit way worse than an omen
Mhen pour me that drink, am thirsty
Roll the riffa up! am blasting
They trash talk, I splash forks
On the road with ma folks
Pass it round till it burn out
Yeah we passing gals like burners
Anybody ask I earned that
Walked our ways through full moons
Sweet Serenades, Sproose goose fly
Ma nigga Kaheal, Salute for that
Till the casket drop we shoot fro stars
And we at it

Realer than gorrilas
Iller than Godzillas
Am a menace to society
We off that and we on this
Trap Bap
Puff puff and pass that
With ma trap wolves

Fuck Nigga
Lord Knows he an addict
It like I never had it
It's raining blisters at these bitches
Am pissed off gat me so devoured
Am passed out on some Russian scotch
Persian thots! Pardon ma thoughts
Am on that
Make a nigga wana! Go hang while I go H.A.M
Ghost stories! She say go slow
Sensation go latex
Am pon pound on it
Greg hound she down on it
Up and coming and booming
Dawg am up and coming and booming
The next blue tighten your shoe strings
And pass me that drink Lil nigga
Better pass me that drink like a real Nigga
Surreal Nigga
Foreal nigga

Chorus X2
Uh this is what music posed to sound like
Skinny nigga growling greyhound like
Get your mind your grind right
I rhyme me as the dark Knight-Mayor
Face em-Player
Racing up on them layers
Kaheal on the beat
Girlfriends on fleek
Always staying on ma feet
Either that or am high as


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