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Banner - The Screaming Lyrics

the past is never, so far they won't still come back
burning and hating and biding their time
until they find their weakness
they've waited and their time has come at last
to overcome and break you, drag you back
the gate has been opened the screaming are calling
bolting through shadows till they are upon you
waiting in hiding, chomping the bit
you've stumbled and fallen and they smell your bleeding
you rise from your knees try to get to your feet
to run from the breathing the screaming have found you
the dive from the trees descending upon you
the stench of rotting burns your vision
the time has come - to run is futile
claws dig into your legs
they've tasted blood, their talons claw at you
now to see what your made of
punching and fighting
crys for help, for help go unheard
the screaming the crying
the demons they surround
tasting your own blood
it spills and soaks the ground
you plead unto deaf ears
choke on blood as you're torn wide
the life now it pours out from you
and blackness fills your eyes.

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