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Baby-t - G-slide Freestyle Lyrics

like lil weezy pockets on createen,
nigga i shine like i bath in vasaleen,
hustlas church i preach like pastor creed,
mo whips then a slave oh master please,
make money faster then a ex-saleen,
my niggas get high smokin on a field of green,
keep them white things in got some killa seeds,
flow so sick like its killen me,
in da light chain stay shinin,
sprite light bright jolly rancher diamonds,
wacth change flavas watermelon lime and,
flow so sick like its muthafucken dying,
stay with a fine bitch christina milleon,
ya boy make money about a milleon,
yall broke rappers yall dont here me dog,
it aint take a fucken brag just to get me on,
shinin aint hard dat shit easy,
stay with a hard on call me mr meaty,
kick down ya door pull ya moms and ya breazy,
niggas jaw drop like they muthafucken freezing,
beef is my job and im clockin in,
shinin,got a normal bankroll to fucken spend,
make money non stop like chicago wind,
like the playaz circle,niggaz pop bottlen,
dont jock,know u like my style man,
got 14 carrots in the smile man,
14 shinin gold carrots in my mouth,
black diamond looken like the power went out.

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Baby-t lyrics