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Avenue D - This Land Intro Lyrics

Below you can find the popular This Land Intro lyrics performed by Avenue D. We have tried to make the This Land Intro song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

I love America
I'll say it over and over
We're having fun in New York, Dallas, Dover
Yes, I love America
Why? You tell me yankee doodle dandy
Is it girl scouts with their candy?
Cause horny is not randy?
Hell, your reason: totally in this season
Yes, I love America
A saint, no it ain't
But so beautiful don't faint
Show no restraint
It's America, It's only America
Say it over and over
I love America
Even use that beer bottle mic
Now that sure is American
You and me now: I love America
Only here can you ding dong it
Hell you can sing song it
You can ramma lamma all the way to Alabama, You can oi doy, uh oh, hey oh
Just get into it America
It's for everyone, the good ol' U.S. of A
Up all night from coast to coast
Now let's raise a toast
To south of Canada, to 50 states, to highways, to cheeseburgers, to endless jail bait
Yes sir, I just knew it: this one's for America
I love America

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