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Avenue D - 2d2f Lyrics

you know the scene, we be dancing all night your dick's getting hard and my pussy's tight
pull me to the bathroom and you're teasin' me, but I wanna go home so you could be pleasin' me
it's getting hot, you're ready to go say goodbye head out the door
DJ says, "stay one more song" gives you more fucking tickets to get your drink on
you go back to the bar, start pounding old E
should be home by now, should be pounding ME

Don't get too drunk to fuck tonight
-you've got to get it up
Don't get too drunk to fuck tonight
-if you want to get it in
Don't get too drunk to fuck tonight
we get home, I get hot
you pass out, sucks a lot

way to go shithead, you did it again
now I'm stuck with my fingers and a ballpoint pen
you talked a lot of shit, acted like a pimp
but I come home with you and what? it's limp
drinking mickey's, st.ides, high life, corona
what good is it if you can't pop a boner
I don't care if you can't come
but it better be hard until I'm done
I wanted hot beef, I got a cold noodle
I wanted slap and tickle, but I got flapdoodled


I like to party, like to get fucked up, but I'd rather spend the night face down ass up
let's leave while your weenie's still working
cuz I don't want to spend the whole night jerking
spill your drink on me and you're covered in sweat, boy that ain't the way to get me wet
don't come to my house to puke in my toilet, don't sleep in my bed just to soil it
don't pass out goin' down on me
or I'll wake you up with a mouthfull of pee


Avenue D lyrics