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Avenger Of Blood - Beneath The Curse Lyrics

Curse of the dead
Blades of the scythe
Plotting revenge
Seething with hate
Now you will feel
The reprisals of evil

You will die
Mortal dread
Now you're dead

Fallacy - of a blinded mind
Infamy - killing through time
Evil plague - darkness in the land
From the grave - soldiers of the damned

Blood is the fluid
That oils our machine
Crushing the skulls
Smashing the bones
Thriving upon
All the screams of the wounded


Devastate all we see
Barren and wicked world
Killing all in our path
For we have always been
Beneath the curse

[Lead - Marc]
[Lead - Eric]

Axes to grind
Sharpen the steel
Push to the front
Battle macabre
Driven to slaughter
With power we kill


We are all
Underneath the curse!

Avenger Of Blood lyrics