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Avenger Of Blood - Terminate Lyrics

Waiting in the night
The jungle breathes with fear
Constant loss of life
Hear the walking dead
M14 in hand
I crouch in pouring rain
Senses overloading
Will this nightmare be in vain?

The tortures of the mind
A raging war within
I won't know I'm alive
Until the firefight begins

In my sight

[Lead - Eric]

Flares light up the sky
See bodies of the dead
This is where they lie
Bloated in the swamps
On this night patrol
The enemy appears
Silhouettes arising
The familiar taste of fear

Firefight ensues
My vision bloodied hues
Programmed to destroy
An instrument of war
Flames consume the land
Killing on demand
A corpse who hasn't died
My politicians lied

[Chorus 2:]
Endless War
Burning hate

Avenger Of Blood lyrics