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Avenger Of Blood - Blood Seeker Lyrics

Painted lust
Suffer the ones to die
Darkened night
I see the rising form
In the dust
The bodies are entwined
Now I must
Embody all that's mine

Fate betrays the dead
Chaos within my head
How many more must die
Capture me, hear my cry

Born to live and die in hell

Scars run deep
I will escape the pain
Streetlights glow
The darkness of my domain
Every turn
Becomes my stalking ground
Knife to throat
You'll die without a sound

Panic within will rise
Excitement is in my eyes
Pushing the boundaries
Stabbing you endlessly


Now I have crossed there is no return
Suffer with the rest of the condemned
I am the judge and the jury's eyes
Human - who are you to criticize?
I live between the realm of life and death
Remember the times when you
Betrayed, killed, and lied
This is the parting of your spirit's breath
This is the day no one cared that you died

[Lead - Eric]


Avenger Of Blood lyrics