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Avenger Of Blood - Vicious Onslaught Lyrics

The fog of war
It clouds the mind
Your campaign will fall
In banishment
You all will die
Destiny's call
With tortured minds
Infected brain
Poison the head
I kill today
You won't survive
The call of the lead

Fight unto the death
Another life was never born

Black shells of insanity
Munitions fire overhead
Black shells of insanity
Bloody fields full of the dead

A massacre
Beyond belief
Is coming your way
You try to push
Into my world
Now you will pay
A mortar strike
The limbs will fly
There's no return
This punishment
Lessons in pain
Refusal to learn


You will end you life in hell

Black shells
No more dreams or fantasy
Tortured lives
March to death
You will die
Insane destiny
Limbs hanging from the trees
Panic strikes
Chaos reigns
Living your life in hell!

Bodies burn
Corpse filled with lead
Panic in your mind
Flash now you're dead

[Lead - Eric]
[Lead - Marc]


You will end you life in my created hell

Avenger Of Blood lyrics