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Avalon - The Good Way Lyrics

Traffic noise, expensive toys
A love that never last
Broken homes and self-made thrones
We're livin' life too fast
That we forget the things that His love brings
Beyond what this world is
I can hear it still today
What the preacher used to say
This is how you live
You've got to...

Believe in you heart
Right down to your soul
And speak the true things
And know that you know
'Cause this might be the day
So live like it is
Find the good way
And walk in it
Walk on

Saints of old and streets of gold
Will gaze upon His throne
Singin' holy, holy
God of glory
We'll worship Him alone
So keep your eye on the sky
While it's all passing by
This world is not our home
'Cause someday soon
We're gonna be made new
But until then
You've got to...

Take a look around
The world is falling down
Why can't we see
That it's almost over
The clouds are rollin' in
He's gonna break the sky
The dead are gonna rise
Those who are alive in Him
Will fly, will fly

Find, find the good way
Find, find the good way

Avalon lyrics

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