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Autumn - Solar Wake Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Solar Wake lyrics performed by Autumn. We have tried to make the Solar Wake song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

I follow the sun from a distance
I pass the shadows to my left
find my strength in the solar wake
(and live a little)

running up for the light
find it caught up by the dark
fight for hope
find it beaten by fate

whispered promises
of then, and years after
got broken, unmendedly
washed upon the beaches
of a file long gone

But I will go
I will find my lips with peace
I will hide every word
In my empty thoughts

I will go
With hope filled arms
I will look for signs
I will look for questions
Asking me why I kneel to life

I will go
I will pray for saviour
And will welcome any ending

Autumn lyrics