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August Burns Red - Treatment Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Treatment lyrics performed by August Burns Red. We have tried to make the Treatment song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

Stop turning life into a stagnant routine,
Maybe it's better to bit your tongue.

THe more animosity you spit out, the less we want to hear.
Maybe it's best you bite your tongue.
Too many hearts filled with hate.
Too many hands clenched in fists.

Relax your grip.
Open the gates.
Too many hearts filled with hate.
Let acceptance in.
We're here to say we're all so sick of your bigotry.
Pay attention to the choices you make.
Step back and look at allthe hearts that you break.
Stop dwelling on what happens when we die.
Start helping others while we're still alive.
You need to look in the mirror and ask yourself,
"My God what have I done? What are my true intentions?"
It's your right to say what's on your mind, yet it's their right to keep feeling alive.
We'll carve out your heart; rewire your mind, stripping your soul of everything that makes you unique.
We'll wipe the slate cleanthat brought them to their knees.
Will that make you believe in the tolerance you need?
You crown your religion instead of your king.
It's time for a movement to stand up and believe that being distinct is not a disease.
Open the gates.
Let acceptance in.
Open the gates.
Relax your grip of disapproval.

August Burns Red lyrics

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