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Augie March - Owen's Lament Lyrics

Level your fretting.
I won't be forgetting
The flush of your face
When I lifted you level
To me and a wattle tree
Framed your body

In whispers welling with
The dope of a new Spring
You said "Kill me a dynasty
Or our love won't mean a thing..."

A bullet for a diamond ring
A favor promised
A promise delivered
And more to you

It's only a war I'll be back
To your shore before
You know it I'm gone,
Then I'll cover you body

And if you have to go
Please go lightly
Keep it to a foxtrot
Whether he's a fox or not

Keep it cold,
Keep all your heat for me
I'll be needing it
For when I'm cold you see

Let your children
Remind you of me
Whether by another or
By the ghost in me in you
There goes my baby

I would think of you
And a palmtree would
Cover your body
You... in love and war

We are bound by a law,
It goes to you and then
To yours to recover my body

She bound me up and hugged me
'O how the mother loves thee'
She covered my body
In a ragged flag and bloody
O not on your life.

Augie March lyrics

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