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Audio Karate - Speak And The Devil Appears Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Speak And The Devil Appears lyrics performed by Audio Karate. We have tried to make the Speak And The Devil Appears song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

and everything goes through me on a Tuesday night feeling wrong yet right I won't admit I'm wrong dramatize and move along and everything you say I push down inside a hole where it can hide resurfaces today its leaking out me through the sides of the story that I've been victimized I have to realize and face up to my faults the irony it makes me strong convienient thinking used to mean everything i think i can't be wrong the lies i feed myself a selfish figure shows itself so will you go on when you can't see the darkest part inside of me a darker future lurks unseen will you forgive me? forgive myself how the end will turn out we don't know this hibernation heals the soul so please let me go you're on your own seems we can't face one last embrace and i will return one lesson learned please say goodbye inside i die as i hid behind me fears i've lost what i hold dear and the truth is what i fear and i speak and the devil appears

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