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Atmosphere - Lyndale Avenue Users Manual Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Lyndale Avenue Users Manual lyrics performed by Atmosphere. We have tried to make the Lyndale Avenue Users Manual song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

Don't Mean We Gon' Do Right Tonight.

We Could Try To Change To Make A New Life
Don't Mean We Gon' Do Right Tonight.

Hey Mother, Don't Let Them Know You
They Hunger To Hold You Down And Control You.
Hey Lover, Don't Let 'em Love You
They'll Lay On Top Of You To Stay Above You.

Chorus x4

We All Need Something We Can Stake The Blame On.
It Cant Be Your Dance That Made This Rain Storm.
It Must Be The Alcohol,
And You Hate This Place 'cuz The Town's Too Small.
And Everybody There's So Fake,
Be A Brand New Day If They Was Half Awake.
Smile'n Your Face Like Yes Sir,
Waitin Til Ya Turn Your Back So They Can Whisper.
And You Aint Tryin To Love None Of 'em
Na, Ya Know Better Right? Ya Learned Something.
But Even If The First Few Burst Through
They Only Pursue Cause They Wanna Hurt You.
It Comes With A Smokers Cough
Gonna Turn It On Until Its Broken Off.
Cause Suffered And Crushed Is Just Not Enough
They Wanna Hold You Down Until They Lock You Up.

Chorus x4

Hey Sister, Don't Let Them Touch You,
So Friendly When They're Close Enough To Cut You.

Hey Mister, Don't Let Them Break You.

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