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Athos - The Awakening Of Athos Lyrics

Rise up spirits of our ancestors
Join in bakhik dance again
Dance the dance of Dioskouros
And raise your swords on air

A Temple is rising
Breaks through the ground
An eagle is flying
A sign of Zeus
The Titan has awaken up
And seeks revenge
An order of the Olymbians

As the Titan awakes
As the Aeolian winds proclaim
The conquers END..

Nymphs were laughing in woods of Athos
But now raped by Christian cross

The earth has opened the Titan has risen
Athona! Once you threw the huge rock
Now throw it again on the conquers heads

As the eagle lands on the top of a temple of Zeus
The true light of Apollo burns the Christian cross
The rock is now been threw as the Olymbian ordered
And smashes the Christian cross and their fake Jewish god

Athos lyrics