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Atherton - Good Gone Lyrics

I can play the piano
but not very well
Like when nobody's watching
and I'm all by myself

[Chorus: Whitney]
Oh where oh where, have the good gone?
I haven't heard a voice since
Oh where oh where have the good gone?
haven't heard em speak since Vietnam

Haven't really heard a word or slight utterance
blurb or excerpt other than the putterin
feet kick sand walk away unimpressed with
fact your a sad bastard apathetic
Mad you don't get it cause they don't get you
but expectin a check thinkin credit is due
Better edit that view, spellcheck it twice too
Doublespaced, hand it back, work cited as proof
If that isn't you then you're probably the other
happy go lucky with skeletons in the cupboard
An unbearable mother, and demoralizing dad
you swept under the floorboards cause rugs peel back
But your sweetness collapse when you creep on that patch
that creeks where the cracks are unevenly matched
Repeating the past teeth, feeding on trash
'Til someone says something worth believing we're trapped

[Chorus] + {*Whitney ad libbing*}

I'm thinking, who killed the 60's? Now it's all Disney
Pre-packaged plastic wrap on anything uplifting
There's an, air of fraudulent in each and every argument
that negates deviant ways and puts pride in honest men
nonsense when you got love but can't show it
cause the skepticism in 'em looks for ulterior motives
Showing anything other than the depth of my depression
I begin to question my own artistic direction
Each sentence this is my attempt at prevention
of pigeonholing these flows for what they can and can not mention
For that matter sound like, be it synth, sample or soundbite
give a fuck about the method if in the end I've found light
It's downright completely most truancy I've ever had
Put it on my mother's yet to be engraved epitaph
You better laugh now while there's still wind in you
If you can't say it with style no one cares what you've been through
I'm into and all about those prolific writers
No one there to tuck me in, I still got them to say goodnight to

[Chorus] - 2X

You feel you gotta scream at somebody
Be visceral, and mean to somebody
Let everybody know you're cool
Belong to that "FUCK YOU!" school
But, that isn't it
Sweet music, can be true
Wynton Marsalis?
He's no fool

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