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At War - The Example Lyrics

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200 years is all it took
The rest of the world must take a look
And notice just how far we've come

Once a British colony
We took the freedom that wee need
And put oppression on the run!

Third world countries everywhere
Dictatorships that just don't care
Human rights no issues there!

Civil war a normal day
The people know no other way
They look to us in green dismay!

Understanding endless wars
The answers we're all searching for
when those who fight don't know much more

If they can't stop their ceaseless fights
Then let's step in and set them right
Reality is peace through might!

One thousand years of holy war
To die in battles' whats they're for
Their offspring raised to fight some more

Still killing people of their blood
All in search of Allah's love
The only thing they know to do!

They love to hate the communist
Then sight their guns on Zionists
Another hostage on their list!

Ransom for their evil deeds
A gun or two is all they need
We won't again fulfil their greed!

America's the target now
From people who bow down to cows
Whole over here a stake's good chow!

To tighten up influence grip
Would show them all we're sick of it
Force the end to killing fits!

I'm not gonna take it any more!
No more!

Its not that bomb across your fence
Your enemy is ignorance
Negotiation's self-defense!

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At War lyrics