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At All Cost - This Pen Lyrics

This pen is my heart's desire, no I will not conspire to perceive your lies.
I feel we have found a better way to make our mark.
I feel that it lies in how I choose to live my life.
Your faith, in my words, will lead you to see a new light or maybe you just might feel fine when something strikes you as odd.
So spare me, the cliche that you have walked this mile and tell me you plan on breaking down what you have had to hold.
Because I refuse to let this world bring me down, your hate only makes me stronger.
I found a better way to say "fuck everything".
Thank you for making attempts at this, well I know it's hard at first.
Your ego reflects on everything you do, this time it's bigger than me or you.
So many times you asked for me to write about the times we had, well I'm sorry baby but I've got news, bad news...
This pen is my way to move.
My pay, to this world lies in these words that I write, this is the way.
And I'll stay where I feel that I make a difference,
There's no way that your hate of ideals will breach into my heart,
So I ask, retort to this desire being not for you, my desire is for a revolution.

At All Cost lyrics