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Asher Roth - A One Lyrics

Below you can find the popular A One lyrics performed by Asher Roth. We have tried to make the A One song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

Holly Guru, feel on dew, it's not me
I was on to you, oopty doo, who gonna stop me?
Leaking and protecting since the Nazi
Steady rocking round while you talking luminazi
Chow please steaming hot, steady naked rock me
Sugar snap peas, better Pease what I'm spouting
Now... like I'm going out with no house key
Leave'em like wow, don't know how, so wow he
Stomp feet, be proud and freaking speak loudly
Can't figure out the triangle sit on it
Orally, rate is like 15 for fakes
Got 16 for real
As big screen in space
And Brooke Shields so real I can almost lick her face
A slick navy seal, I ain't slipping till it's safe
Imma sip and I can taste it
Notice the concentration
Got that fresh juice
It's the end of conversation
Forget about it, it's stellar tale ties well around it
Better challenge since our planet. He'd been around
Get your calendar, counting up all the menu data
Friends that matter don't flatter you
They just get the pound
Gather round and stand down quickly it gets crowded
... without a second salvage
Since it's down and I'm setting this up
This is a salad
Instead of balance, I keep my balance and clear the pallet
This is Allan and game 1 with A one
You lose but hope you stay strong
Take the rapping way back to where it came from
You say you stacking my tracks
But couldn't name one
Stay hungry, stay cool, play dumb
Same school, break music, wait fun

Asher Roth lyrics

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Songwriters: Benjamin H. Allen, Asher Paul Roth, Michael Caren, Kirk S. Robinson, Nathaniel V. Robinson, Lana Michelle Moorer, Roy C. Hammond