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Aselin Debison - Love So Rare Lyrics

Like a tiny seed
Firmly in the soil
Nurtured with a love i think
So rare
Givin room to breathe
Givin time to see
It's now so clear to me
You were there
You were there

When I was just a flower
Afraid out in the forest
Hiding from the shadows all alone
I knew you'd be along
My faith in you was strong
Like our favorite song
To lead me home
You led me home

And with each changing season
Though I grow a little stronger
Rising up to touch the open sky
And if I gave you a reason
Not to hold me any longer
You gave me thousand reasons why

You are my steady oak
Standing tall and strong
Protecting me with everything you have
And I know deep inside
I would not have survived
Without you by my side
Oh and I
I love you Dad

Aselin Debison lyrics