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Artch - To Be Or Not To Be Lyrics

Below you can find the popular To Be Or Not To Be lyrics performed by Artch. We have tried to make the To Be Or Not To Be song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

Hey you! Where're ya going?
Keep your head up-high
and watch your steps.
You're in a "jungle", it's an eye
for an eye, where the strongest one's survive.
It's do, - or die. You just;
Walk straight ahead and you don't look back.
Don't look back.

Hey, Mr. Soft, cut the crap.
Take your stand, let no-one
walk over you.

A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do...
and that's a lesson to learn.
Don't make the wrong turn.
Stand tall and don't give in.
Don't give in.

You! Watcha wanna be?
What's your ambition - tell me.
Do you feel you're left behind?
Or, is it only in your mind?
Your eyes are open, and yet;
You cannot see.
Your feet were made for walkin'
get up from your knees.
Remember this friend, for it's
a golden rule;
"Time waits for no-one...
and nothing comes for free...

Hey, whatcha wanna be?
Tell me.
To be, or not to be! raddad!
well that's the question.

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