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Arc Welder - Just Not Moving Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Just Not Moving lyrics performed by Arc Welder. We have tried to make the Just Not Moving song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

Wish that you could see thing the way I do
It isn't only me it isn't only you
I can't say it's bad but I can't say it's good
Makes me feel so sad I'd tell you if I could

I'm not giving up I'm not going back
But I'm not going forward I'm not going backward
Not backing out not turning heel
Just not moving just not moving

It gets hard to speak when all must be explained
I could take a week if I could find a day
I could hardly move when it all came to be
What do I need to prove what do I need to be


And you've had so much pain
And you've had so much sorrow
And I've had nothing
And I've had nothing

Believe me I know you only want what's best
I don't wanna go I only want what's best
Gotta stay close so we can work it out
Didn't stay close we didn't work it out


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