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Arallu - The Butchered Attacks Again Lyrics

Below you can find the popular The Butchered Attacks Again lyrics performed by Arallu. We have tried to make the The Butchered Attacks Again song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

It's finally here.
The war that the souls
In hell wanted.
I'm thirsty for your blood,
Hungry for your flesh.
See the numbers of victims grow,
With the spikes knife in my hand.

Running the streets
With burning corpses.
Childrens death -
Oh it's beautiful !
The holy places
Covered in blood

The earth is
Burning, flesh, blood,
Bones and weapons.
There are the dates
29.9-13.10 (2000)
Murderers around -
Here are the dead
War, war, war -
Blood more, more !!!

I stand beside satan,
I drink and watch the war
The pentagram is coming down,
Coming from the sky.
I'm close to the circle
Of black souls
Suffer - your pain is huge
Oh, it's perfect, great !
War, no mercy. Arallu's army
In the streets.

War, war, war -
Blood more, more !!!

Massacre, no price for bodies,
I want more death.
From the graves, the souls
Awake to the battle.
Now kill, kill, kill, like
A mercenary from steel.
Genocide !!!

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