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April Sixth - In Memory Lyrics

Below you can find the popular In Memory lyrics performed by April Sixth. We have tried to make the In Memory song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

Mother says the rain is over now, and she’s forgotten me
She said you better stop your crying now, cause it’s plain to see
That you’ve been crying alone
And you’ve been dying alone

Mother can you come and comfort me, cause I need your love
Help me figure out which one to be, like your son above
Cause I’ve been crying alone
And I’ve been dying alone
In memory, yeah
In my memory

Rest in your heart (×4)

Well, I know that, that you’re out there, and you want to be with me
Well, I’ll tell you something, I totally feel your pain
Have you been crying alone?
And have you been dying alone?
In memory, yeah
In your memory


Tear me off some, but don’t look at me
'Cause I know, that you know


In memor- …in memory
In memor- …in my memory
In memor- …in your memory

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