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Anti System - The Table Must Turn Lyrics

Goodbye for now, the ignorant rich shut their doors
Making sure they're locked from those so desperately poor
Fuck to the dying and the hungry, the rich have all they need
With their wealth, possessions, protection and greed

Just how can they sit back and watch them die

Sit back and watch them die then eat the roast
After a meal a cigar they then declare a toast
In their castles, mansions, villas and good homes
In their offices and banks their income soar

Just how can they sit back so smug and watch them die

Their grains and profits are made for mass murder
Investments in this and that also contribute to the slaughter
To have the best incomes is their only aim
And whoever tries to interfere, their law will soon tame

You comfortable set of rich bastards

Well surely now's the time for the tables must turn
Shitting on the deprived well they're going to have to learn
Learn that the poorer people have taken so much shit
And now's the time to put an abrupt end to it

You heartless set of bastards we will soon share your wealth

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