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Anil Altintas - Sound Of Home Lyrics

Torn between different places,
Got to choose of different faces,
Now, I'm back home.

Always been around,
Still I miss this sweet sound,
Of home.

Rainy days and stormy weather,
Balkan sounds and seats of leather,
Do I miss the sound of home.

Face so bright on a darkened station,
Got to hear this strange vibration
That must be the sounds of home.

Sound that makes me feel alright,
Always been at my side.
This is the sound of home.

Ancient buildings, culture so plain,
Nothing ever will be the same.
As the sweet, sound of home.

Endless roads caught my attention,
But I still love the imperfection.
Sound, sound of home.


Without you on the false direction,
You truly got my affection.
Youre the reason why Im so real.

Words to weak express my thinking,
The absence d me slowly sinking,
Please be the sound of home.


Anil Altintas lyrics