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Angela Ammons - Take My Hand Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Take My Hand lyrics performed by Angela Ammons. We have tried to make the Take My Hand song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

I need a love to lift me up and
I need time to tell me what to do and
It's been a long ride, and i can make it through

All i want and all i need
Is to be strong
Can anybody take my hand
And let me know the way
To face another day
Won't somebody take my hand
And lift me off the ground
Is anyone around to take my hand

Tell me where i need to go
And tell me how long until i see the day
When i can shed my skin
And i can throw it all away (all away)


I've fallen deeper than i've been
And i can feel anything
If only i could spread my wings
And fly (fly away)


Angela Ammons lyrics

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Songwriters: JEFF COPLAN