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Andy Milonakis - The Rap Fairy ft. Biz Markie Lyrics

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Andy Milonakis: I can't wait to rap just like little jon (Andy Sitting on his Bed)
Andy: Hello? (into mic)
Andy: I Suck!!!!!!
Andy:(Crying) I'm never gunna be a good rapper like little jon


*At night*
*Enter Biz Markie*

Andy:(Awoken) Who are you???

Biz Markie: I'm the Biz Markie right about this time. I grant you the powers to rap and rhyme.

Andy: Whoaa I have the power to rap now???

Biz Markie: Yea, and that'll be thirty fi dolla.

Andy: ohh I'm sorry i don't have any money.

Biz Markie: Uhhhh?? Are you crazy???? what do you got then???

Andy: Uhmmmm uhhh i got some well potato chips and beef jerky it's really good.

Biz Markie: mmmm nyea.

Andy: Is that good? Thats good!!

Biz Markie: thats good nuh.

Andy: ahh hahaha Thank you!!!

Biz Markie: nuhhight (alright?)

Andy: Yeaaaa (Screams with excitement.)

*Next Morning*
*Andy Wakes up and sees Sparkling Microphone*

Andy: Wowwww (Falls out of Bed)

Andy: Get ready to hear me rap New York (While running towards Door)

*Andy runs into door and falls over*



Andy: Yo was sup New York
Andy: Yo That's right New York City

Andy: Look at these studly business men, what do you for a living?
Business Men: Paralegal! (Both Men in Unison)
Andy: Paralegal??
Business Man: Headed for lunch though.

--Rap Fairy Rap Begins--
-- Andy Milonakis --
*To two business men*
*Interrupting Man*

Yo....your a paralegal
I just killed a beagle.
Are you gunna sue me?
Look at my shoes G'
I got the la ------ End Rap Fairy Part 1

Begin Rap Fairy Part 2 ------key's

*to Man III*

Can you do my taxes?
Man:Your taxis? (Cab) (Semi-confused man responds to Andy Rapping)
Andy: My taxes (With stress on 'xes')
I got a 10-40 EZ
Your hair is cheesy like wheezy
Don't please me just say thank you
I wanna spank you and thats kinda weird
You got a little beard so you gotta shave it

*to Bench/Oblivious Black Man*

I ain't a fool...
I like to drool in my pasta fazul?
Cause I'm a sloppy kid
I'm a sloppy skid on the road...
...and your just a little hallucinogenic toad

*to Man IV*

I got the gall to be crazy (Man shushes Andy)
and I'm like Swayze

Like Patrick (Man gets tries to leave)
Ohhh no... I got a hat trick
That means I scored three goals!!
But thats how I attack (...Following Man)
When I see my enemy
Don't get next to me
ohhh no...
Your a little ho, your just walking away

*To pigeon*

Yo little pigeon, are you listening to what I'm spittin'.
Hoc Ptu, I spit on you then feed you bird seed.
I know you got the need.

*To Man going to work*

Don't go to work, take a break yo.
Take a break yo.
I said take a break yo.
Three three three.
Six six six.

--End of Rap--

Security: You need to leave away from the building before I call security. (Get out of here?)
Andy: Your not security?
Security: Ahhh....Just go away.
Andy: Hahaha


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