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Andy Milonakis - The Rap Fairy ft. Biz Markie Lyrics

Below you can find the popular The Rap Fairy lyrics performed by Andy Milonakis. We have tried to make the The Rap Fairy song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

Andy Milonakis: I can't wait to rap just like little jon (Andy Sitting on his Bed)
Andy: Hello? (into mic)
Andy: I Suck!!!!!!
Andy:(Crying) I'm never gunna be a good rapper like little jon


*At night*
*Enter Biz Markie*

Andy:(Awoken) Who are you???

Biz Markie: I'm the Biz Markie right about this time. I grant you the powers to rap and rhyme.

Andy: Whoaa I have the power to rap now???

Biz Markie: Yea, and that'll be thirty fi dolla.

Andy: ohh I'm sorry i don't have any money.

Biz Markie: Uhhhh?? Are you crazy???? what do you got then???

Andy: Uhmmmm uhhh i got some well potato chips and beef jerky it's really good.

Biz Markie: mmmm nyea.

Andy: Is that good? Thats good!!

Biz Markie: thats good nuh.

Andy: ahh hahaha Thank you!!!

Biz Markie: nuhhight (alright?)

Andy: Yeaaaa (Screams with excitement.)

*Next Morning*
*Andy Wakes up and sees Sparkling Microphone*

Andy: Wowwww (Falls out of Bed)

Andy: Get ready to hear me rap New York (While running towards Door)

*Andy runs into door and falls over*



Andy: Yo was sup New York
Andy: Yo That's right New York City

Andy: Look at these studly business men, what do you for a living?
Business Men: Paralegal! (Both Men in Unison)
Andy: Paralegal??
Business Man: Headed for lunch though.

--Rap Fairy Rap Begins--
-- Andy Milonakis --
*To two business men*
*Interrupting Man*

Yo....your a paralegal
I just killed a beagle.
Are you gunna sue me?
Look at my shoes G'
I got the la ------ End Rap Fairy Part 1

Begin Rap Fairy Part 2 ------key's

*to Man III*

Can you do my taxes?
Man:Your taxis? (Cab) (Semi-confused man responds to Andy Rapping)
Andy: My taxes (With stress on 'xes')
I got a 10-40 EZ
Your hair is cheesy like wheezy
Don't please me just say thank you
I wanna spank you and thats kinda weird
You got a little beard so you gotta shave it

*to Bench/Oblivious Black Man*

I ain't a fool...
I like to drool in my pasta fazul?
Cause I'm a sloppy kid
I'm a sloppy skid on the road...
...and your just a little hallucinogenic toad

*to Man IV*

I got the gall to be crazy (Man shushes Andy)
and I'm like Swayze

Like Patrick (Man gets tries to leave)
Ohhh no... I got a hat trick
That means I scored three goals!!
But thats how I attack (...Following Man)
When I see my enemy
Don't get next to me
ohhh no...
Your a little ho, your just walking away

*To pigeon*

Yo little pigeon, are you listening to what I'm spittin'.
Hoc Ptu, I spit on you then feed you bird seed.
I know you got the need.

*To Man going to work*

Don't go to work, take a break yo.
Take a break yo.
I said take a break yo.
Three three three.
Six six six.

--End of Rap--

Security: You need to leave away from the building before I call security. (Get out of here?)
Andy: Your not security?
Security: Ahhh....Just go away.
Andy: Hahaha


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