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Andre Nickatina - Tony Montana Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Tony Montana lyrics performed by Andre Nickatina. We have tried to make the Tony Montana song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

[Chorus: x2]
This girl said I act like Tony Montana
When it comes to her I just can't forget the camera
Thick bitch but I really can't stand her
Somebody put on the new Jacka

Prime time
It all started with a fine dime
She make it warm in the winter time
But my heart is so cold from the wrath of the city streets
We might meet but we don't speak

Man I'm a 24/7 rap cat
Hair stay permed in a baseball cap
I slither through the town like a cobra snake man
The money she make be the money I take
I hit the bay bridge
NASCAR style
I drive so fast
Weed in my head
Foot on the gas
I look her in the eyes
But she already lookin' at me
She say Nicky-T I wanna be

[Chorus x2]

Let's go
It's like I just won the Lotto
From tennis shoes to high heels is my motto
I got her a iPhone not a Metro
And once again we on the road baby let's go
Picture every image at the line of scrimmage
And all the clothes and the money that might diminish
And while the wheels just spin on the luxury car
The ho be sippin that workin at the luxury bar

Prime time
It all starts with a fine dime
And even on a bad day yo she still shine
Man it's amazing how she keep her waistline
The type of body that make a car run a stop sign
I float like a butterfly
I spit a fly lullaby
Wear fly shades when I'm high
You can hit me when the money is froze
About time you touch down it should still be cold

[Chorus x2]

The world is mines
And that ain't no lie
Damn girl, you really like a dime
Your little red corvette that you be dippin solo
I'm your best friend and your Manolo
I ride through Coconut Grove
Lookin' for you
Where could you be
Are you hidin from me
I'm a junkie about the ends
And it's a cold dark night and I'm dippin the benz
With a blunt close to the window
Where did you go
All in the back of my mind I know
All the bread that she made for me
Man it's not gonna be there it's plain to see man

[Chorus x2]

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