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An Ocean Between Us - The Failings Lyrics

I feel the time is near
To get the rope and tight the noose
My eyes are full of tears
As world waves it's last goodbye
The failures that surround us
Are nothing but an agony
I never thought we got so far
Its not our fault we die

Take me, kill me

This is my failing, my failing
This is our failing, our failing
We have nothing more, nothing more
Tomorrow thing about me
And youll be alright

All the pain left me dry
As the hate fuels up the sky
This is how we built our own demise
This is how it ends
Were bearing the cross as
The despised is bearing guilt
And nightmare turns into your best friend
When the hour comes

They ask to follow
They ask us to obey
And when they turn the screw they ask us to believe
This lie is over
You want me to be like you
But I wont
I wont

An Ocean Between Us lyrics