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An Ocean Between Us - No Turning Back Lyrics

Below you can find the popular No Turning Back lyrics performed by An Ocean Between Us. We have tried to make the No Turning Back song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

So here I am
At the threshold of my life
You need to realize
The fuse has reach it's end
There wont be anything
Anything to change my mind
Im gonna fly
To meet my tragic ending

Im watching you
The ones who made me so
Miserable and painful
This pain no longer I bear
All the ones I love
Ill leave their hearts behind
Ill run and disappear
Tonight Ill feel no love

There is no turning back
Life is done with me,
And I am done with everybody
There is no turning back
Next time you see me
Youll be filled with regrets

Just look at me
On my knees for something
That was so futile
My future disappears
Desperate to jump
Im desperate to fall
Desperate to die
Dont try to look for me

Memories flow fast
Memories of life
Memories that do not
Belong to me no more

And I am dying
And I am crying
Clouds will mourn me
But you, you will not

An Ocean Between Us lyrics