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Amrinan - Half Faded Man Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Half Faded Man lyrics performed by Amrinan. We have tried to make the Half Faded Man song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

God knows Im crying
Finally crying
Embracing the bell as it tolls
Awaiting a heavenly dying
The curtain to fall
I hate their lies
Seems like everything they say
Promising Ill be Okay
Just have faith in your way
And take life day by day
Not to everything there is a season,
And theres no time to every purpose under the heaven
Son, never afraid
Have love like I never had
Laugh, cry, have tears in your eyes
Promise youll dare to dare

Never afraid
Love life like I never had
Be true to yourself,
As hard as it seems
And live by your wildest dreams
(I believe theres no time to waste)
Son, please hear my words
(And beware of what I became)
(Half faded man)

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