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Amias Davies - The Paper That Was Written Lyrics

Below you can find the popular The Paper That Was Written lyrics performed by Amias Davies. We have tried to make the The Paper That Was Written song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

What we were told to do,
What was expected of us,
We all wanted to know whats really true,
Did we really have to take the bus?
Is it really okay to be number two?
Is there really nothing to discuss?
Who said which group is the right crew?
Is it really better not to cross?
Waiting is the safest route,
But being late is not the right path,
Who determined everything from the root?
Who said, but we did the math?
Who said that everything is predictable?
Who stopped the dreams?
Theres no such thing as a miracle
When you work harder than the extremes.

Dont go by the book,
Live to your fullest,
Life will hit you with a hook,
But dont just stand there clueless,
Dodge the bullets,
Be the fewest,
To get the fullness of life,
Forget the paper,
It was written by losers,
Get through life, layer by layer,
Be one winner,
By tearing the paper that was written.

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