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American Steel - Bloody Murder Lyrics

Hidden tombs and solitude
hunger stikes or belly aches
handcuffed pines and crossed picket lines
sacrifice is a tear away

Barren plans, buried two fingers beneath the sand
overdoses or body shakes
a wet dream for a dry spell
addiction is a tear away

When the booms a bust and profits gone
by war cry or swan song
we'll be here like before and evermore

Nothing to lost is a tear away

Obese and unnatural and wearied of the weight
sacred heart or blessed fall
salvation is a tear away

Murder bloody murder
suicide pact the world over
stillborn slaves can't fill mass graves
sooner than their share has been reserved
peasant mobs and kings for a day
your loves are fleeting when so unjust
for bleeding hearts drain fast with steadfast lust

Sobs for tyranny are a tear away

American Steel lyrics

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