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Am Kidd - Stunna Girl (remix) Lyrics

Chorus x2 AM Kidd
Need me a Stunna Girl
Lean in the ride with
With a Stunna Girl
Lean in the club with
I know you like this grown up look
Let's chill, we don't need no go dumb hook
Verse 1 AM Kidd
Is it cause I smoke? Do I dress bad?
Trouble with your ex but who makes you laugh?
Is it cause I drink? What makes you think I'm a
Go spit and than rip?
Gotta have luck on my side just to get your name
Analyze your swagger to peep the game
Say the right things for a number exchange
Than I sit close to the phone, I won't complain
If you don't call, baby I know
Feel indepedent, you ain't ready for more
I ain't trynna rush things, thinkin' I'd go
If I don't get my hands in the cookie jar, So?
I'm here to stay, believe it or not
Everytime we talk I'm weaving a knot
To get our bond strong, I ain't leavin' you boxed
With a thick headed dude, who be shakin' the spot
Cause I
Chorus x2 AM Kidd
Verse 2 AM Kidd
Is it cause my smile? Is it cause I'm dark?
Promise I'm not rude. Promise I won't fart
Put the seat down, after I go piss
Wonder what makes you tick
And you know I said all those things just to make you laugh
Don't hide your smile so remove your hands
And I ain't gotta plan to replace your man
But I'll be right here if he pulls your strands
And It's his lost, baby I know
If I'm here at the wrong time, baby I'll go
I could come back when you want me, when you need me
Here to relieve you and make it easy
I go, spillin' my biz
Everytime I dream, I'm kissin' your lips
With my two hands low, feelin' your hips
Watchin you and your man, wishin' it ends
Cause I
Chorus x2 AM Kidd
Verse 3 AM Kidd
Is it cause my shoes? Or the way I am?
You don't like my raps? Is it that bad?
Take me home to your mom, she'll approve fast
Good with the 'rents, I'm far from your man
Kelis said you bossy, I'm a boss too
If we break up, I could say I lost you
We could do all the things you want to
Down for whatever hun, It's on you
Temptin' huh, baby I know
I don't like to talk much cause I'll show...
You the finer things, do the diner thang
Midnight movie nights and all nighter plans
Go chill with me
Don't stop, let's talk and we'll see
I don't know if we'll succeed
Only if you decide to be
My Stunna Girl

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