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Altered Aeon - The Resonance Of Form In Transition Lyrics

Below you can find the popular The Resonance Of Form In Transition lyrics performed by Altered Aeon. We have tried to make the The Resonance Of Form In Transition song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

In dialogue with myself, the answers intrigue me
I am the crusher and mender of my memories
I ask, I receive, I act eternally
I live and I die, transcending endlessly

I am all there ever was
Value not what can be lost
The resonance
Of transition

This day I carefully calculate this world's design
Making sure the things are there that I want to find
My soul's inner eyes are what forms the world
Dispiriting things, they pass me by unheard

Dispiritism of this world
It passes by my mind unheard
The resonance
Of transition

I am a world architect
Beyond the need to analyze and dissect
I know I have to believe to see
Instead of see to believe

Turn your eyes inward, hear now the resonance
An end to the discord, see the beauty in decadence
The mind universal in telepathic connection
The truth so controversial, a brand new reflection

Layer by layer the soul does unfold
Buried for decades by things you were told
Barriers dissolving, they no longer hold
Unbury your true self, up from the cold

The resonance of form in transition

A new day is dawning, my world is prepared
Upon the dispirited mindset a war is declared

Dreaming in the symmetry
Dispiritism- the enemy
This resonance
Of transition

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