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Almah - Torn Lyrics

You think that you can have it
But you have no time
To hold control
You think you own me
So that you know

Let me take my time
Let me mend my soul
Let me keep it straight
And let the feelings flow
Let me take the time
To let it go

Torn into pieces my heart
To keep it, go on
Let me find the selfness I forgot
It keeps on going

behind the curtains, avid
To conceal my mind
Not give it way
But something keeps on
Telling me to let in out
To let it grow

Without eyes
I make my way in wonder
Burn my mind
In my search for solutions
Life unwinds
I struggle with my passion
Time, forever a cage
In which I belong

My understanding fails me
But I need no path
To pursue my goal
My vanity is jaded and it hurts my pride
It fades my glow


Almah lyrics