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All Wound Up - 100% Of Nothing Lyrics

I tried to analyse and understand
Rationalize and comprehend
I’m trying but I’m failing now
I need the common sense I’ve
Lost along the way, or never had
It’s obviously gone

I tried to compromise and spread it thin
I played the odds and lost it all
I’m sinking too fast to call out
You’ll never hear me crying
I tried to go Your way, what can I say
I guess I never wanted it or wanted to be
The way You wanted it for me
I wish I could have given it to You
I guess we’ll have to wait and see

Give me some time away
And let me sleep on it
I have a long life still ahead of me
For now I’ll start with an apology
Cause I admit it, I regret it
Now I’m on the outside
Of the circle I thought I’d be in
Go on this way I’ll never make it through
I’ll rip a thousand parts into
A million pieces, I’ve spread myself thin
And nothing's getting done

All Wound Up lyrics