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All That I Bleed - Horizons Lyrics

Sometimes I lose sight
The future... a mystery
Hold to the dreams of the past
Fear escapes my grasp
I don't look back at the ghost...
At the ghost behind
Take this away
And let me see what my eyes can't see
Chasing dreams in this insanity
Leave the past behind us
Never look back
Follow new horizons
Until the fire dies
Misguided by misfortune
Divided through lies
Is it my faith that has been twisted?
And I don't know why
Humanity's my burden
Until the day I die
I hold on to your heart
And I know you'll pull me out
In my dreams I find peace
Apart from the world that I know
All I see distant promise made to be broken
With these lies my dreams turn into nightmares
Now my dreams just disappear
The time has come to let go
Say goodbye to the dreams that now lie broken
I'll go on and find a better day
A child that cries inside me
A whisper from the dark
Which path to take into the twilight
Through out this night
Insanity is my savior
In this foolish stride
I walk this endless road
Through ghosts in my mind

All That I Bleed lyrics