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Alexthomasdavis - Too Many Different Lives Lyrics

Ive been a rookie
A bookie a bit of a builder
A sportsman a lifeguard
A circuit board guilder
A trippy crazed hippy
A data pen clerk
A cross country sprinter
Whos quick off the mark
Ive been lippy a chippy
A cruise ship dogsbody
A lazy layabout
An unemployed skoddy
A shiny footballer
A clay pigeon shooter
A driver of tuc tucs
Theyre just like a scooter
A manic depressive
A user of girls
The happiest person
In all of the world
A bed putter upper
Foot tapping to rave
A warehouse/person
A manual slave
Been in finance retail
A lover of spoilers
A cooker of oxtail
A gym bunny boiler
In customer service
Selling stocks and shares
A playstation addict
Thats losing their hair
You know ive had too many different lives
How will i ever survive
Too many different lives

Alexthomasdavis lyrics