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Alden Richard - Wish I May Lyrics

Wish That I Could Say These Words Tonight
Wish I Have Encourage Wish I Might
Have The Chance To Show You.
Speak What On My Mind.
While You're Right Next To Me.
I've Love You From The Start.

Wish I Could Walk You Dow The Road
Share Each Moment Have My Hand To Hold
My Imagination's Beginning To Unfold
Every Wish Is Granted, Every Dreams And Hope

Wish I May Wish Might Find A Way To Your Heart
Wish That I'll Be The Sun To Warm You All Through Your Life
Wish You May Feel My Love That Is Hidden in The Stars
Wish I May, Wish Might Be The One

May Be Now I'm Ready To Be Found
Then I'll Be A Part Of Who You Are
Promise Of Forever Never Break Your Heart
Always There To Listen Always By Your Side

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