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Akrobatik - The Fat Shit Pt Ii Lyrics

Below you can find the popular The Fat Shit Pt Ii lyrics performed by Akrobatik. We have tried to make the The Fat Shit Pt Ii song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah
It like we could do like a series of those things anyways..
Fat Shit part 2, Like Fat Shit part like 25
I can take it wherever it go, yo, wherever it go
Mr Lif
Where's it going?
Yes yes
Come on
Say what?
About the
Fat shit!
Everybody bounce bounce echoes
Ak and Lif running shit down the line
Ladies and Gentlemenentlemen echoes
Ak and Lif runnin shit down the line
Yo yo
Y'all know the routine
Hip Hop's dream team's back on the scene
You're on your toes the tips, son
Recognize the way that we rip, son
The law has been laid when Akrobatik and Lif's done
What's your method of preparation for this lyrical devastation
Educatin' with your verbal detonation
Peep this demonstration that exposes my infatution with
Rockin' the mic, the way the people like yo
I inform
Plus my style's been warm
Now I'm hot past levels ever reached by mercury
Hip Hop has a cancer and its a grave emergency
Call in doctors Lif and Akrobatic for the surgery
But scratch the anesthetic and ain't nothin sterile
We bring it grimy plus we save the joint from its peril
And you know who is brought on by the wicked
But my nigga Mr lif came to burn 'em yo kick it
Mr Lif
Now you're epidermis and dermis is like a furnace
Blood rises to the surface
You erupt into a puddle of plasma
Good to see you son, welcome to the after
Ease up! Here's no fucking **?ear in a casbah?**
Absorb life through every pore
Till the essence of your being is very sore
Stretched so far you can see what's next
I've analyzed, measured
The boundaries of your terror
Jacked your data then advanced to thenever
This is what the future holds
More lives bought and sold
In the land of the free yet controlled
We're innocent never parolled
As a courtesy the walk streets patrolled by incertainty
Chaos is created as we hunt for security
Have our codes and bombs provided any calm?
You want the answer?
Search no further than you have to
Watch everybody panic every natural disaster
Yeah once again you work soldier and bust it
You take the western hemisphere
I'll tke the eastern hemisphere
We'll meet halfway in eight months

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