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Akala - Billie Jean Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Billie Jean lyrics performed by Akala. We have tried to make the Billie Jean song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

Give me any beat and its no skin off my nose
No little boy nowhere touch my flows, ice cold
When i give it to em im nice bro
Playin with ya life like runnin on tight ropes
U dont want it with the kid spit it straight from the top
For my niggas lickin shots what are straight from the block
Back & 4th with the pot make do with what u got
Never ever try be sumthing now that im not, just a nigga from the gutter
Struggling for bread & butter & i grew up on the dole im hungry as a motherfucker
Thats why i flow better move like a go-getta
& im on my grind got no time for no-heffa, girls love him though
Say that he's handsome no mansion or phantom a young black branson
illastate, illastate you could never immatate, hand of the god on our side like riverplate
Rap marradon but im not coke out bangin 1-20 in the gym siping ginsing
You know that boy akala, beat kids down just like their father
Sick when i spit on rhyums Like a clip, Lyrics hit ‘em
So vivid with it A blind man can see their visions
So kids sit and listen
Shit, I'm a flippin' villain
I belong in prison for killin' rhythms in Great Britain

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