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Akala - Stand Up Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Stand Up lyrics performed by Akala. We have tried to make the Stand Up song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

all my people , wherever in britainpar
bro i know the flows cold,par
let me know that you feel it,par
and i know the roads slow but your ready to kill mepar
coz i feel that same pain, hear the lyrics i'm spittin?par
critics ask why i don't smile, they gotta be kiddin,par
little kids'll blow your head off, just to say that they did it,par
i'm in the streets one deep, these villains think that i'm slippin, #par
nah bruv, i don't care bout none of you spitters,par
if your real then your eelin' it,par
nah,idont give a shit,par
respect the message nigga, illa state records,par
british flag, yard colours cuz tell me where my par
head is par
first time you saw me, iwas screamin' 'fuck the par
ne xt icame i change the whole game in the streets,par
these wollys still tryna' catch up with ' war',ipar
bang harder,par
father, 'roll wid us' huh , iain't even started...par
chorus 1:par
'moss side ...stand up....longsight... stand up...par
hansworth...stand up...aston...stand uppar
newtown...stand up ... stand uppar
anywhere, everywhere all my people stand uppar
st.pauls... stand up ... chapeltown.. stand up...par
luton....stand up ...stand up..par
anywhere, everyhere all my people stand up!'par
all my tugs stand up , fist in the sky,par
girls too ... hands high, now your chillin' with i,par
mr.brazilian, so of course the womaen is feelin'him,par
lyrics is brilliant, no question, illa state england ,par
i ain't watchin' the states neither, their wholepar
shit's tired,par
all the great rappers is either dead or retired,par
all these soppy cunts, talkin' bout bitches n'par
how much your chain cost , and you bustin' ya gun,par
and you can't spit ,your sticks, ya get hang a box inpar
the chops,par
silly boys can't bang with me, fools can't hangwith me,par
idont relly care unless its paper or my family.par
home's this is the roads and there's only one par
though i hate my reality, its just way it has to be,par
chorus 2:par
'coventry .......stand up bradford.. stand up..par
wolftown.. stand up .. glasgow .. stand uppar
cardiff.. stand up.. london...stand uppar
anywhere everywhere ,all my people stand up!par
derby ..stand up ....leicester.. stand up..par
newcastle stand up ... sheffield.. stand up..par
belfast .. stand up.. london.. stand uppar
anywhere,everywhere , all my people stand up!'par
italk alot, but idon't conversate with punks,par
try so hard to teach but ya man dem are dunce,par
don't learn when the shit happen,par
burn when the clap em,par
this is not a perm , but you worms get a relaxin'par
my reaction, only in a street fashion,par
i am not bulletproof- could get my melonpar
so i stay ready, spread positive energy,par
but i know full well couple prars wanna bury me,
no reason, just coz , that's the negativity,par
how could you be a nigga-not feelin' my delivery ?par
lyrically, my ability , rippin' up killa's viciously,par
spitter's that wanna mimic me ,par
stickin' them where the spirits be , huhpar
pretty boy akala, move like a ape,par
skinny, but ipush plates, like i'm fresh off a 8,par
ah mate , so you relly shoulk sty in ya lane,par
only spitter on my level got the same last name

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