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Against Me! - Justin Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Justin lyrics performed by Against Me!. We have tried to make the Justin song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

They're advertising on the TV.

"Become a soldier,"

It's still high school politics, you know.

Nothing's changed, jocks and assholes still don't know shit about aesthetic.

I think I smell a rat.

We sold our revenge, now we're working for them.
Where's the divide?
You know Justin? Well, Justin's dead.

And Yahoo won't let his family have access to his email account,

The news reporter said

"I feel so bad for you, it's so awkward.

There's really nothing I can say,

Cut to commercial break

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays from network and its affiliates."
So where's the divide?

Where's the divide?

Where's the divide?

Against Me! lyrics

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Songwriters: JAKE ANDREWS