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Against All Authority - Court 22 Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Court 22 lyrics performed by Against All Authority. We have tried to make the Court 22 song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

I was raised in a trailer
Always told that I was a failure
Never thought that I would get outta there
My father kicked me out when I shaved my hair
Never fit in with the other kids
Singled out because of where I lived
I learned to fight at an early age
Court 22 my aluminum cage
I got the music the music's got me
The underground sound
Always sets me free
I got beat I got punched and kicked
Cause I didn't fit in their social clique
I never ever felt like I belonged
I thought that everything I did was
Fuckin' wrong
Punk rock was my only escape
A new found spirit no one could break
I turn up the music and feel the beat
It's the only thing I ever want to keep

Against All Authority lyrics