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Action Bronson - The Rising Lyrics

{*rain with thunder and lightening occurs for a few seconds
as car alarm blares and dog barks*}

[Intro: Action Bronson]
Uh... Yeah... Uh...
Fly Mary in to sing to the cow before we slaughtered it
And then I ordered it

[Chorus: Action Bronson]
Don't say a word to me
You already committed perjury
A bunch of lies and sneaks and I don't play that
You know better, you better save that

[Action Bronson]
Laid by the pool, my legs gettin massaged by a professional
Strictly business, nothin sexual
Seasonal vegetables lookin exceptional
You ain't think I was hot then, now you wanna hum on my testicles
I'm from a, dirty borough where that sun don't come out
But when the moon come and the goons come, the crew runs
Like a big Jamaican, I stand adjacent to that S600 in amazement
My time gon' come, I'm headed to the top right
I never wore makeup, and I'm ready for the spotlight
You know I got my hoodie on, and it's such a hot night
Shit I'm straight from Queens, catch me in the limo like it's prom night


[Action Bronson]
This that, do a hundred in the rental in the rain
with the jammy, a day before I have to go to Spain
Livin on the edge, different colored women in my bed
Different, different colored linens on my leg
My mother said I better win or else she'll fuck me up
Ma we did it, I love you, you lucky slut~!
Since I was young, I had the husky gut
But I'm gorgeous, got money in the pouch just like a tourist
Swerve in a Skylark, big piece of the pie chart
Bitch this is fine art, I gets my shine on
You lyin, dog, you never even put the iron on
You drive a Scion, you ain't ridin, dog
Me, I'm self-built, grab your chest, still get hit
with right hands from left field, my life is a kaleidoscope
She makes me feel just like I'm high on dope
I never calm down, shoot the gun without puttin my son down


[Outro: Big Body Bes]
YEAH~! You should've been known who the fuck this was!
Just by my fuckin tongue, Big fuckin Body Bes
You know I'm all over everything now
You know me, you might see my face stamped on a bag of dope
Out here gettin filthy, cause you know I got that OOH-WOOOO-WOOO~!
You know me, I go home, change up, I get fresh to fight
Just caught a new fuckin case, but it's alright though
I got this stupid motherfuckin lawyer
He told me, "Don't even worry about that shit, Body
I'll make that go away, now what's for lunch?"
I told him, "Don't worry, I got the hookup
Anything you want, Crown Fried on me, 1 through 6 only"
I know your type though, the type of motherfucker wear a three-piece suit
to go to court, shook to death and you there for smokin weed
Piece of shit! FUCK outta here!!

(Baby when I rise, I made it, yeah)

Action Bronson lyrics

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